How To Prepare Your Michiana Football Field for This Year’s Season

Are you ready for some football? And no, not on TV, but literally. Is your Michiana school or athletic association’s football field ready for this season? Summer camps and practice have begun, but it’s not too late to get your field in shape for this year’s season. Whether you maintain a high school, college, or another type of athletic field, there are ways you can ensure your football field is in above-average shape.

The more you plan and care for your field now, the less likely safety or other issues will creep up on you later in the season. Check out the following field maintenance tips your friends at RZ Sports Turf whipped up to help you win games this season.soil ph testing

Test Your Athletic Field’s Soil

Most lawn care professionals and university labs recommend you have your soil tested once every three years. It will help you determine the basic composition of your field’s soil. It can help you determine the pH levels and minerals in your soil and help you choose the best type of grass to grow as well as whether or not additional minerals are needed. When soil is out of balance, it may not be able to use the nutrients fertilizer provides for it, so it’s important to have it tested to ensure everything is in alignment.

Learn How to Mow the Field Properly

Having your athletic field mowed regularly is extremely important when dealing with turf. Don’t stop mowing just because the temperatures are cooler. You may need to cut less frequently, but mowing is required as long as the grass grows. Typically, football fields should be mowed at the height of 1.5 to 2.5 inches, but mowing height can also depend on the type of grass your field contains. Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass fields should be mowed at 2 to 2/ 1/2 inches, while tall fescue should be cut at a slightly higher height, around 2 1/2 to 3 inches in height. If unsure, call the professionals at RZ Sports Turf. We have the answers.

Aerate Your Michiana Athletic Field

Players are hard on the turf and cause a lot of wear and tear. Lawn equipment, traffic from spectators, and heat and drought stress from the summer can cause soil compaction. When this happens, bald patches start to appear. You can counteract this and help your turf to regain its strength and vitality with lawn aeration. Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil and redistributing them across your lawn. When soil is compacted, it blocks the roots from receiving the nutrients, sunlight, and oxygen they need. Aeration opens your soil up so that your roots may once again receive these essential elements. The benefits of aerating your playing field are endless, including creating stronger, deeper roots, breaking down any excess build-up of thatch, and helping to eliminate water runoff and puddling. 

Fertilizer Your Michiana Athletic Field

The key to improving your grass’s health lies within fertilization. Fertilizer is a blend of three main ingredients, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. This is where a soil test can help determine if one of these ingredients is needed more than the others. While each of these three elements plays an important role in the strength and protection of your field, you don’t want to apply too much or too little of any. RZ Sports Turf can test your soil for the correct amount of each ingredient.fertilizer on lawn

Ensure Your Athletic Field Has Proper Drainage

Regular surface drainage is not enough to completely drain the field of excess water, especially after a rainy summer like this one. Not having proper drainage can result in uneven surfaces, standing water, low stability, a diminished appearance, and overall decreased playability.

RZ Sports Turf specializes in a process called the Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System. Developed at Michigan State University, it is a natural, cost-effective solution that causes minimum disturbance to the field. It increases the rate at which water flows out of the soil, offers more stability on the field, and is something you can have done to your athletic field right now without any interruptions.

Obtain Better Drainage for Your Athletic Field With RZ Sports Turf

Want to learn more about our unique drainage process? Visit our website page on the Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System, fill out our form online or give us a call now. You can reach us at 574-674-5296.

We service the entire area of Michiana, including Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Valparaiso, Indiana, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Chicago, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas. We provide many other services for athletic fields, including hydroseeding and lawn installations. And don’t forget, we also service residential lawns.

Want more tips and ideas on all things regarding athletic field maintenance and lawn care? Then check out our other blog articles. We publish one educational piece a month.

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