Create a Full, Lush Lawn With Aeration and Overseeding

A full lawn is everyone’s home or property owner’s dream. But what many people aren’t aware of is that lawn care that leads to a perfect yard is meant to be executed all year long, not just in the spring when greenery is on your mind. 

One service that is primarily done in both the spring and fall is the aeration and overseeding of a lawn. Both aeration and overseeding have their benefits, but when they are combined, their services are even greater. aeration holes


Understanding Core Aeration

With the name of this lawn service having “core” in the name, it’s easy to realize that this has everything to do with the soil of your turf. Aerating, when simply put, is purposely creating holes about six to 12 inches down into the soil, allowing for better circulation throughout the lawn. When your turf is able to circulate all the water and nutrients that it gets from irrigation and fertilization, the roots will grow stronger and the grass will grow healthier and greener.


Understanding Overseeding

Overseeding itself comes into play when a lawn is thinning or is presenting with patchy spots that lack the ability to revitalize themselves. It will give it the push it needs to flourish by filling the struggling spots on your lawn with overseeding. 


The Power When You Combinegrass overseeding

When these two services are combined, it will allow each strength to heighten. Aerating might encourage a better outcome, but overseeding alone will not necessarily better your lawn. This is why RZ Sports Turf brings these two together to work towards the best results possible. When we aerate, it allows the overseeding to reach deeper, leaving a longer-lasting effect. 


When to Aerate and Overseed?

There are two times to do this, spring and fall, and each season’s services have their own benefits. By choosing to care for your lawn year-round and performing these services in the fall, your turf will be better prepared for the winter weather and will be strong enough to come back fuller and more beautifully with less work when spring rolls around. 


Ready to Aerate or Overseed? Call RZ Turf Today! 

When it comes to aerating and overseeding, the experts at RZ are more prepared than you’ll see elsewhere. RZ Sports Turf is obsessed with making turf the best it can be. In the fall, that means focusing on aeration and overseeding when the time is right. If you’re ready to make your turf the best it can be, give one of our experts a call today. 

Our clients can give us a call at 574-404-8873 or find our contact form here. We’re ready when you are! 

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