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A Better Way to Play Sports
Hydroseed, aka RZ Sports Turf, has been providing turf and lawn care in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan for over 30 years. We have always used innovative technology and cutting-edge equipment to perform lawn renovations, handle lawn care maintenance, and install safe, natural turf for athletic fields. But now there is an even better way to play sports.

Our new division, RZ Sports Turf, is dedicated to improving the conditions of athletic fields. Using a results-driven procedure invented by Michigan State University called the Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field System, we’ve perfected the playing field. This system integrates an Avante-Garde technique for drainage combined with an aggressive USGA sand topdressing program. Together, they produce a more cost-effective, all-natural, healthy, safe playing field surface for athletes without causing any interruption in play.

Common Football Field Problems

Football fields are typically built on native soil, which relies on surface drainage. This is not enough to adequately drain the area of excess water. If the native soil contains high volumes of silt and clay, saturation will negatively affect the traction and stability of the turf. This will cause uneven surfaces, standing water, low-stability, an unsightly appearance, and the field will become unplayable. 

Soccer and Lacrosse Field Problems

  • Standing Water
  • Saturated Soil Conditions
  • Worn Out Areas
  • Low to No Infiltration Capacity
  • Loss of Soil Cohesion and Low Strength
  • Unstable Surface Stability and Playing Conditions

Benefits to Using the Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage

Our Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System helps the field turf to maintain its endurance, strength, and structure even through heavy traffic and repeated use.

More Economical
Less costly to install compared to a synthetic field or a pure sand-based field.

Uninterrupted Use
It offers uninterrupted use of play, so you never have to worry about your football or any other athletic field being out of commission.

It Speeds Up the Infiltration Rate
RZ Sports Turf’s Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System increases the rate at which water exits the playing surface.