Lawn Care and Turf Installation in Coopersville

Whether you’re a resident or visitor, there’s no denying the wealth of green spaces in Coopersville. A farming community with a fast-growing business district and a collection of playing fields, Coopersville is a place to gather outdoors and RZ Sports Turf is in the business of making those gathering spaces safe, natural, and healthy.

Our Specialties:

  • Athletic Field Installation and Maintenance
  • Residential Lawn Installations
  • Commercial Lawn Installations
  • Lawn Renovation and Turf Repair
  • Hydroseeding and Hydromulching
  • Irrigation Installation

We have more than 3 decades of experience in athletic field maintenance, lawn renovations, and serving our customers with cost-saving, innovative programs that deliver the lawn of your dreams. Call RZ Sports Turf today so we can get your turf to the quality you deserve!

Athletic Turf Installations in Coopersville

When RZ Sports Turf does athletic field installation, we know our work is going to see more than practice drills and matches; our athletic fields are going to see teams built, memories made, and communities connected. Because of that, we make sure our lawn installations are built to last by using innovative techniques like our:

  • Built-Up Sand Capped Athletic Field System to improve and reach maximum turf quality.
  • Athletic Field Drainage System for cost-effective water distribution and continued athletic field maintenance.
  • Hydromulching Service to rapidly fill bald patches with premium grass seed.

Earning our reputation as a go-to for athletic field installation in Coopersville, our unrivaled expertise provides sports teams and community members with all-natural turf installation for:

  • Football Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Baseball and Softball Fields
  • Lacrosse Fields

Turf Repair in Coopersville

Turf repair and athletic field maintenance are vital to athletes and community safety. Uneven ground creates an unsafe playing field, causing injuries and jeopardizing playing conditions. RZ Sports Turf provides professional turf repair services for Coopersville’s spectrum of green spaces, from commercial lawn installation to athletic field maintenance to sod installation and several options in between.

Improve Your Green Space with Our Turf Repair Services:

  • Laser Grading – Levels the playing ground by smoothing out soil and removing trip hazards.
  • Irrigation Installation – Hydrates grass on a timer to promote healthier, thicker turf, void of disease and pests.
  • Hydromulching – Quickly restores your athletic field’s bald areas with a thick carpet of healthy grass.
  • Drainage System Installation – Eliminates pooling water on your field and reduces mosquito breeding.

Residential Hydroseeding in Coopersville

Hydroseeding is an RZ Sports Turf specialty that provides Coopersville homeowners with a less expensive and more effective turf repair option for residential and commercial lawn installations, lawn renovations, and property maintenance. Choosing hydroseeding and hydromulching over sod installation allows our special blend of seed, nutrients, and eco-friendly mulch to mix with your current soil, yielding a blanket of quick growth that’s resilient against pests and lawn disease.

Hydromulching uses a considerate 4-step process to produce sprouting of new grass in 7-14 days. We cover your soil with a uniform layer of nutrient-rich seed and mulch that preserves ground moisture and also blocks weeds. Our hydromulching technicians set your turf up for success every step of the way by:

  • Loosening any compacted soil and preparing your ground to receive new seed.
  • Pressing seed into the ground to optimal depth with a drill-seeding machine.
  • Applying hydromulch evenly over your lawn.
  • Ensuring your desired outcome with our 60-day follow-up and fertilization program.

The result? A lawn lush with carpet-like grass that grows healthier and stronger.

Residential Lawn Installations in Coopersville

Lawn installations are no easy task, but neither is spending your free time and weekends trying to revive a dead lawn. It’s time to call RZ Sports Turf for stress-free lawn installation solutions if your residential property is suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • 30-50% of your grass is dead, soft, and spongy.
  • Weeds cover half or more of your yard.
  • Lawn disease is a recurring issue.
  • The sight of your grass makes your heart ache.

Our Lawn Installation Options

Although residential and commercial lawn installations have the same goal, we understand Coopersville homeowners need options that work with their capabilities and budget. When it comes to your lawn installation service, you have the choice of:

  • Hydroseeding – eco-friendly, cost-effective, and best for large areas needing turf repair.
  • Sod Installation – Lays turf with grass already on it for instant results.
  • Dry-Seeding – Cost-saving and tailored to your current grass type.

We recommend our irrigation installation service as a hassle-free way to maintain growth and ensure your grass is hydrated. We’re happy to discuss your lawn installation options with you. Call us today!

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Some of the Services We Provide in Coopersville

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Baseball & Softball Fields

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Soccer & Lacrosse Fields

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