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Athletic Field Installation and Maintenance in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in Michigan and the largest city in West Michigan. It sits along the Grand River and is the childhood home of U.S. President Gerald Ford. A historic furniture-manufacturing center, Grand Rapids is home to five of the world’s leading office furniture companies, and is nicknamed “Furniture City.” We are proud to provide the best athletic field services in Grand Rapids!

Athletic Field Installation 

RZ Sports Turf specializes in athletic field installation and repairs. From football fields to baseball and soccer fields, we understand how important sports are to a school or community. Working with Michigan State University, we developed the Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System to help produce all-natural athletic turf. This cost-effective solution is safer for the environment and helps control the amount of water moving in and out of the soil. Not only does this help promote drainage, but there are many other advantages to using this system as well, including:

  • The increased rate at which water flows. 
  • It is less costly to install than a synthetic field or pure sand-based field.
  • It helps the field to maintain its,  strength and maintain stability.
  • It offers uninterrupted play which, means you can continue to use it while the system is installed.

If you manage an athletic field, give us a call and learn how our highly developed system can help.

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Athletic Field Maintenance and Turf Repairs

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Athletic fields are just as vulnerable as your residential lawn. They, too, can fall prone to problems making them unusable or unsafe. With over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining, we recognize common field problems and offer genuine solutions. Most fields rely on surface drainage, often ending up with standing water. Over time this creates uneven surfaces, spongy oversaturated grass, and unsafe field conditions.

Other issues that can impact your field include:

  • Worn out areas from heavy foot traffic.
  • Discoloration and declined turf quality.
  • Low infiltration capacity prevents water from moving through the soil.
  • Heavy lips on a baseball or softball field.
  • Loss of soil cohesion and durability.
  • Unstable surface conditions.

Regardless of the problem, RZ Sports Turf has the solution. Our carefully trained and skilled technicians will assess your sports field and come up with the appropriate solution. 

Residential Lawn Installations

Sometimes repairing your lawn just won’t do. Climate stressors, soil acidity, insect infestations, and disease can often rob your grass of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. If your lawn is more than 50% dead or fully covered in weeds, it may be time for a lawn renovation. RZ Sports Turf specializes in residential lawn installations. Because the first step in any lawn renovation is to find out the cause of your turf’s decline, we will first visit your property and assess your lawn. We offer three different installation options, each having its own advantages and disadvantages, starting with hydroseeding.   


When you’re looking for a lawn installation, look no further than RZ Sports Turf’s hydroseeding service. As Grand Rapids’ most trusted source for lawn installations, and lawn renovations, our hydroseeding process will ensure a much healthier lawn that is less susceptible to insects and disease. 

This innovative process uses a system called hydro-mulching. Hydromulching utilizes environmentally friendly mulch and other nutrients on a bare lawn to help the grass grow healthy, vibrant, and emerald green. There are four steps to the process, including a follow-up program. When you partner with RZ Sports Turf and our hydroseed service, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Cost savings over the use of sod
  • Ability to walk on and mow grass within four to six weeks
  • Use of multiple types of cool-season grasses
  • Erosion control
  • Healthy, carpet-like appearance

Other lawn installation options we offer include dry-seeding and sod installation.


Dry-seeding involves seeding your entire lawn with a premium quality grass blend. Dry-seeding is less expensive and can save costs. However, its timing is critical, and follow-up care such as proper watering techniques is extremely vital. Seed choices can be customized based on soil type, sun, and foot traffic.

Sod Installation

If you are looking for instant results, sod installation may be the answer for you. It can be applied anytime during the growing season and will provide a brand new lawn almost instantaneously. It is not recommended for shady or non-irrigated areas because it needs moisture and sunlight to survive.

For the Most Experienced, Knowledgeable Professionals, Call RZ Sports Turf

With over 30 years of experience installing lawns, we can help you determine which option is best for your yard. We believe in and stand by our work and the local community. Our knowledgeable employees are fully trained and licensed through Michigan and the state of Indiana. For the management, installation, or renovation of your athletic field or lawn, contact the professional at RZ Sports Turf today.

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