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Turf Installation in Kalamazoo MI

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Kalamazoo is a vibrant and bustling little city that is full of things to do. We love the community and the people we serve and have been doing so for years. We have established deep roots in the community which is why we offer the best in residential and commercial lawn installations. 

Athletic Field Installation

Athletic fields are an essential part of the Kalamazoo community and a big part of American culture. Our sports fields are where the community comes together to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, after years of wear and tear and touchdowns, athletic fields can start to lose their luster and even become unsafe to play on. At RZ Sports Turf we know how important our athletic fields are. If you have ever had experience in athletic field maintenance, then you know it’s an entirely different ballgame than residential lawn care. Our specialists have years of experience in athletic field installations and maintenance so you don’t ever have to worry about it again. 

Our turf specialists can help you improve the existing conditions of your natural athletic fields or work with you to design an entirely new field from scratch. At RZ Sports Turf we know there’s a difference between natural grass and artificial turf. That’s we only use 100% natural, real grass. 

We install natural athletic fields for:

  • Baseball 
  • Softball 
  • Lacrosse 
  • Football 
  • Soccer

Turf Repair

Whether it’s your home lawn or a school athletic field, we specialize in turf repair and maintenance. We know that a healthy lawn not only looks great but can also fight off invasive weeds. At RZ Sports turf we have been serving the Kalamazoo community for years. We know the common problems and lawn diseases that face lawns and athletic fields and we know how to fix them. 

Common Lawn Problems In Kalamazoo

  • Standing Water
  • Saturated Soil Conditions
  • Worn Out Areas
  • Compact Soil
  • Bald Spots

Keeping up with lawn care in Kalamazoo can be overwhelming. When you partner with RZ Sports turf you know that your lawns and fields are in the best hands. 

Our list of lawn care services includes:

  • Mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Aerating
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigating

Residential Hydroseeding

There are many methods for establishing a new lawn such as hand seeding and sod installation. But if you want it done fast and cost-effectively, you should consider hydroseeding. Hydroseeding uses a high-pressure liquid mixture of fertilizer and grass seed that is applied to the soil to promote fast germination. To reduce the chances of erosion, we apply our hydro-mulch mixture which is sprayed over the newly planted seeds.

An Efficient Way of Establishing a Lawn

Hydroseeding creates a more uniform lawn than the traditional methods of lawn renovation where wind and rain can redistribute seeds. Because it is delivered using specialized equipment at high speeds, the entire process is 50% faster than traditional turf-building methods. You can expect the seeds to take root within 3-5 days after application. It is also cheaper; Hydroseeding generally costs 50-80% less than sod. 

Benefits of Hydroseeding

  • Faster than seed or sod
  • More efficient
  • Better quality lawn
  • Controls erosion
  • Retains moisture
  • Cheaper

Residential Lawn Installation

Your yard is an extension of your home where memories are made and shared. Having the perfect yard is a dream many of us have but few achieve. At RZ Sports Turf, we have over 30 years of experience with lawn restorations and installations. 

Lawn Renovations

It’s only natural that lawns deteriorate over time. Sometimes the best thing to do is just start over. At RZ Sports Turf, we specialize in making uniform and beautiful residential lawns by correcting the problems that lie underneath. There are many causes for our lawns to decline, including:

  • Drought
  • Excessive Shade
  • Fungus Disease
  • Pest Infestation
  • Poor Drainage
  • Soil Compaction
  • Thatch Build-Up
  • Tree Root Competition

Get The Best Athletic Field and Lawn Maintenance In Kalamazoo

If you are looking to install a new lawn or athletic field or just want to fix up an existing one, call the pros at RZ Sports Turf. We know what we are doing and we will get it done right. You can reach us at 574-404-8873 to schedule an appointment, or contact us online and fill out our contact form.

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Some of the Services We Provide in Kalamazoo

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