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Hydroseeding – You Deserve the Landscape of Your Dreams!

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If you just moved into a new home without any grass, have a blank spot in your lawn to fill, or are starting from scratch, you have come to the right place. We know that you have options when it comes to lawn installations and renovations. Here at Hydroseed, we have over 30 years of experience as hydroseed experts. We are Michigan’s most trusted source for lawn installation, renovation, and maintenance.

Sod is more expensive and can leave visible seams on your lawn. Sod grown in one soil medium does not fare well installed on a different soil medium. Grass seed, on the other hand, becomes native to your soil, adapting to your growing conditions. Over the long term, lawns planted from seed are much more healthy and less prone to root diseases. Hydroseed uses a process called hydromulching, giving your landscape a healthy green mulch blanket full of nutrients for the initial “pop” of seed. Hydromulching also preserves valuable ground moisture necessary for proper germination.

What is Hydromulching?

Hydromulching is part of our planting process that uses environmentally-friendly mulch and other nutrients on a bare lawn to help the grass grow into the healthy, lush, green lawn you deserve.

Uses for Hydromulching

  • Lawn Renovations
  • Yard Beautification
  • Erosion Prevention
  • Dust Elimination
  • Block Weed Growth

Four-Step Process of Hydroseeding

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There are four steps involved in hydroseeding; preparing the ground, drill-seeding, hydromulching, and a 60-day fertilizer feeding program.

Ground Preparation
The first step in hydroseeding is proper grading and ground preparation. Commonly taken for granted, it is critical for proper seed germination and drainage. Our specially designed TR3TMRake implement helps prepare the ground for seeding by loosening the dirt to the optimum depth. It removes vegetation and debris, levels the ground with beautiful contour, and then rakes the ground leaving the perfect seedbed behind.

Next, we use a mechanical drill seeder, which allows us to press the seed into the soil to a specified depth. This process helps to optimize seed germination.

Hydromulch Application
A mixture of nutrient-filled hydromulch is sprayed under high pressure and used to create a green mulch layer over the ground. It protects the ground from minimal erosion and seeds being washed away in the rain or devoured by hungry wildlife. This moisture-retaining mulch acts as a protective blanket covering the ground and helps speed up germination and growth. Most sprouting begins within seven to 14 days.

Post 60-day Fertilizer & Follow Up Program
Our 60-day fertilizer and follow-up program gets your lawn off to the right start. It involves an installation inspection by a qualified professional, two scheduled fertilizer applications, and broadleaf weed treatment if weed coverage exceeds 20% of the entire lawn. It also includes a full washout and bare spot repair. As a valued customer, you will also receive our watering and mowing instructions to better assist you in your successful “grow-in” of your newly planted lawn. Our goal is the same as yours to obtain a beautiful yard. With customized fertilization programs available after the 60-day program ends, we can get your newly planted lawn to a mature state.

Benefits of Hydroseed

Hydroseed can be approximately 1/3 or less the price of sod.

With hydroseeding, you can combine cool-season grasses to create a more durable lawn, and the seed mixture can be changed to meet the customer’s needs.

Much more effective than dry-seeding as the mulch protects the seed while speeding up germination.

The hydroseeding installation process is more than 50% faster than traditional methods, which can save on time. Not only can the grass be walked on, it’s also mowable within four to six weeks.

Once the hydroseed mulch goes on, you have a healthy-looking green cover over the entire lawn.

Erosion Control
Hydroseeding maintains a level of erosion control, which benefits the landscape and surrounding areas. Because mulch is often one of the materials used in the slurry, as the mixture reaches a firmer state, it naturally prevents erosion to the area.

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