Your 2022 Lawn Care Goals For Your Grand Rapids Lawn

Spring is right around the corner in Grand Rapids, and it's time to start thinking about lawn care goals for your yard. Are you in need of a lawn installation or renovation? Lawn care can be overwhelming; therefore, the professionals at RZ Sports Turf are here to help. We've devised a list of lawn care goals for 2022.

Do-it-yourself Irrigation Ideas To Reduce and Reuse Water

At RZ Sports Turf, we specialize in creating amazing and unique lawns for our Kalamazoo customers. But it is up to the customer to make sure their new lawns stay hydrated. Since water is the essence of life for your lawn, sticking to a regular irrigation schedule is crucial to achieving that perfect yard. Properly... Read more »

Most Common Lawn Diseases Seen On Kalamazoo Lawns

We are still a ways away until we can go outside and enjoy our grass and athletic fields in Kalamazoo. Still, it’s never too early to start educating yourself about the many different lawn diseases that can affect your grass.  Lawn diseases are common in our state and can affect your yard and athletic fields at different times of the year. Knowing the signs early can help prevent costly damage to your grass. Here’s a list of the most common lawn diseases we see in Michigan.

How To Properly Winterize Your Tools and Lawn Equipment

With Old Man Winter right around the corner here in Michiana, there is no time like the present to start preparing your lawn equipment and gas-powered lawn tools. Whether you manage an athletic field, work with a professional company such as RZ Sports Turf or handle the lawn care at your home, you will want to ensure the life of your lawn equipment is extended through proper maintenance and management. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you along.

What Your Fall Athletic Field Maintenance Checklist Should Include

The hot dry summer is over, but that doesn't mean your athletic field is off the hook. Follow these tips for maintaining a vibrant healthy athletic field that looks good and helps players perform well.

Is Natural or Artificial Right for Your Indiana Athletic Field?

The heated debate over whether or not natural or artificial turfs are safer for athletes has been a hot one for many years, and studies have provided evidence to support both. With increasing awareness of head injuries in contact sports and diagnoses of concussions and their long-term damage, most of us are confused. So, what do you, as an athletic director or athlete living in the Indiana area, do? Follow along as RZ Sports Turf gives you the answers.

How To Prepare Your Michiana Football Field for This Year's Season

Is your Michiana school or athletic association's football field ready for this season? Summer camps and practice have begun, but it's not too late to get your athletic field in shape for this year's season. Whether you maintain a high school, college, or another type of athletic field, here are six ways you can ensure your football field is in above-average shape.

Protect Your Michiana Athletic Field From These Common Lawn Diseases

With all the rain we've had in Michigan this summer, disease and fungi such as dollar spot and red thread are taking over athletic fields faster than ever! If you own or manage an athletic field, it's essential to learn what these different lawn diseases are and what you can do to help prevent and stop them from destroying your baseball, soccer, or other sports-related fields. RZ Sports Turf is here to help you learn about the four most common lawn diseases ready to wreak havoc on your game day.

How Athletic Field Maintenance Saves Your Soccer Team

Without proper athletic field maintenance, your soccer team could endure injuries, interrupted gameplay, delays, or even cancellations. RZ Sports Turf soccer field program makes rain delays a thing of the past!

The Importance of Maintaining Your School's Landscape & Athletic Field

The past year and a half has been tough on everyone. Kids included—an unprecedented time for all, especially our school systems. Teachers and administrators in Michigan, Indiana, and all across the nation were in disarray. But hope is on the horizon, and the fall will begin a new path. Soon our teachers and kids will... Read more »