Is Natural or Artificial Right for Your Indiana Athletic Field?

The heated debate over whether or not natural or artificial turfs are safer for athletes has been a hot one for many years, and studies have provided evidence to support both. With increasing awareness of head injuries in contact sports and diagnoses of concussions and their long-term damage, most of us are confused. So, what do you, as an athletic director or athlete living in the Indiana area, do? Follow along as RZ Sports Turf gives you the answers.

How To Prepare Your Michiana Football Field for This Year's Season

Is your Michiana school or athletic association's football field ready for this season? Summer camps and practice have begun, but it's not too late to get your athletic field in shape for this year's season. Whether you maintain a high school, college, or another type of athletic field, here are six ways you can ensure your football field is in above-average shape.

Protect Your Michiana Athletic Field From These Common Lawn Diseases

With all the rain we've had in Michigan this summer, disease and fungi such as dollar spot and red thread are taking over athletic fields faster than ever! If you own or manage an athletic field, it's essential to learn what these different lawn diseases are and what you can do to help prevent and stop them from destroying your baseball, soccer, or other sports-related fields. RZ Sports Turf is here to help you learn about the four most common lawn diseases ready to wreak havoc on your game day.

How Athletic Field Maintenance Saves Your Soccer Team

Without proper athletic field maintenance, your soccer team could endure injuries, interrupted gameplay, delays, or even cancellations. RZ Sports Turf soccer field program makes rain delays a thing of the past!

The Importance of Maintaining Your School's Landscape & Athletic Field

The past year and a half has been tough on everyone. Kids included—an unprecedented time for all, especially our school systems. Teachers and administrators in Michigan, Indiana, and all across the nation were in disarray. But hope is on the horizon, and the fall will begin a new path. Soon our teachers and kids will... Read more »

10 Reasons You May Need A New Lawn This Year

We see a lot of homeowners that want a new lawn for aesthetic reasons, but there are lot of other situations that may warrant new turf. From drought to disease, here are 10 reasons you might need new turfgrass this summer.

How To Maintain The Perfect Baseball Field

Proper care for a baseball field improves the look of the field, keeps players from injury, and ensures a healthy turf for many seasons to come. These are the best practices to follow to keep your athletic field looking its best.

Best Irrigation Practices For Healthy Turfgrass

All lawns need water, but athletic fields are a horse of a different color. By following these irrigation best practices, you can keep your athletic turfgrass looking green and healthy all season long!

Mowing is the Most Essential Yet Basic Aspect of Turf Care

Mowing is the most essential yet necessary aspect of turf care. While it is time-intensive and can take a lot of energy, it can significantly improve or hinder your athletic field's health and overall outcome. Learn the benefits and best practices for mowing and obtain a sustainable turf.

The Ultimate Athletic Field and Lawn Destroyer: Winter Kill

Winter in Indiana and Michigan can be brutal, wreaking havoc on your turf, causing various fungi and other lawn diseases to form, known as winter kill. Learn about snow mold, winter desertification, and crown hydration and how to prevent them from destroying your lawn or athletic field with proper irrigation, lawn maintenance, and fungicide treatments.