10 Reasons You May Need A New Lawn This Year

We see a lot of homeowners that want a new lawn for aesthetic reasons, but there are lot of other situations that may warrant new turf. From drought to disease, here are 10 reasons you might need new turfgrass this summer.

How To Maintain The Perfect Baseball Field

Proper care for a baseball field improves the look of the field, keeps players from injury, and ensures a healthy turf for many seasons to come. These are the best practices to follow to keep your athletic field looking its best.

Best Irrigation Practices For Healthy Turfgrass

All lawns need water, but athletic fields are a horse of a different color. By following these irrigation best practices, you can keep your athletic turfgrass looking green and healthy all season long!

Mowing is the Most Essential Yet Basic Aspect of Turf Care

Mowing is the most essential yet necessary aspect of turf care. While it is time-intensive and can take a lot of energy, it can significantly improve or hinder your athletic field's health and overall outcome. Learn the benefits and best practices for mowing and obtain a sustainable turf.

The Ultimate Athletic Field and Lawn Destroyer: Winter Kill

Winter in Indiana and Michigan can be brutal, wreaking havoc on your turf, causing various fungi and other lawn diseases to form, known as winter kill. Learn about snow mold, winter desertification, and crown hydration and how to prevent them from destroying your lawn or athletic field with proper irrigation, lawn maintenance, and fungicide treatments.

How to Decide Which Lawn Installation is Right for You

If you've tried to fix problem areas in your grass without success, it may be time for a lawn installation. Learn about the different methods and see which one is ideal for your yard!

The Benefits of Natural Grass Over Artificial Turf

Many sports fields have switched to artificial turf instead of natural grass. Natural grass fields have many advantages over artificial turf including reduced injury and good for the environment. If you are looking to install a new sports field or lawn, then call the pros at RZ Sports Turf.

How Natural Turf Can Benefit Players During a Pandemic

Living in a post-pandemic world, RZ Sports Turf wants to provide clients with every possible option to stay safe. This includes ways to make your athletic fields safer!

Create a Full, Lush Lawn With Aeration and Overseeding

What many people aren’t aware of is that lawn care that leads to a perfect lawn is meant to be executed all year long, not just in the spring when greenery is on your mind. This can be achieved by aerating and overseeding in the fall season.

The Importance of a Well-Maintained Properly Drained Field

Oversaturation of an athletic field is bad not just for the turf, but also for the athletes. It causes uneven surfaces, standing water, low-stability, and a variety of injuries. Eliminate this problem with RZ Sports Turf’s Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System.