How to Decide Which Lawn Installation is Right for You

You put a lot of time and effort into maintaining your lawn and keeping your grass looking healthy. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, diseases, droughts, or pests make their way in and damage the turf. If your lawn is looking tired and worn, it may be time for a new lawn installation. Discover the different types of lawn installation and see which one is best suited to your situation.

Causes of Turf Deterioration

Many things determine whether turfgrass thrives. Some of these factors are within our realm of control, while others are at the mercy of the environment.

Below are some of the biggest causes of lawn deterioration:puddle of water on lawn

  • Drought
  • Excessive Shade
  • Tree Root Competition
  • Poor Drainage
  • Soil Compaction
  • Inadequate Fertility
  • Soil Acidity
  • Weeds
  • Insect Infestation
  • Fungus Disease
  • Thatch Build-Up
  • Improper Mowing
  • Poorly Adapted grass species
  • Home Renovations
  • Pool Installations
  • Septic Installations

If you notice problem areas on your lawn, you don’t have to hit the panic button. Some of the above factors can be easily remedied. Weeds can be knocked out with a selective herbicide. Drought can be fixed with extra watering. Thatch is removable with a special rake. If, however, you’ve made several attempts to restore your lawn to no avail, it may be time to tap out and replace the turf. Starting over from scratch with your lawn can feel intimidating, but don’t fret! Your lawn care professional can help you decide which method is best, depending on your yard’s needs.

Types of Lawn Installation Services


This seeding technique is two-fold. First, your lawn technician will perform a drill seed application, using a specialized machine that creates furrows in the soil and deposits seeds at a uniform rate and depth. Once the seeds have been implanted in the earth, we cover the yard in hydromulch, a mixture of water and fiber mulch to both nourish and protect the seeds. This method allows the grass to germinate more quickly and produces a more uniform look than overseeding or sod. It’s also more affordable than sod. However, if you have a smaller yard, hydroseeding may not be as cost-effective. And you’ll need to water extensively for the first several months after the lawn installation.

Sod Installation

Sod is relatively low maintenance, can prevent soil erosion, and provides immediate results, like seeding methods, which may take weeks. It’s the most expensive option for lawn installation, and you won’t have as many options in terms of customizing the grass blend, and the roots may not grow as deeply as with traditional seeding methods.


Also known as “overseeding,” this lawn installation method involves a blend of turfgrass seeds spread atop the soil. It’s cheaper than sod or hydroseeding; however, there’s a stricter schedule when you can apply the seeds and expect them to germinate successfully. Like hydroseeding, you’ll need to water the application area frequently, and it may take weeks for the seeds to fully germinate, as opposed to sod, where you can enjoy immediate results.

For Residential and Commercial Lawn Installation Call Hydroseed, Inc.

Hydroseed, Inc., also known as RZ Sports Turf, is proud to offer lawn installation services to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, South Bend, and Valparaiso areas. We service both residential and commercial properties. Our experts will assess your property’s unique situation and decide which installation method is ideal. Call us at 574-404-8873 or contact us online to schedule an appointment! For more lawn care tips and information, be sure to check out our blog!

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