Do-it-yourself Irrigation Ideas To Reduce and Reuse Water

At RZ Sports Turf, we specialize in creating amazing and unique lawns for our Kalamazoo customers. But it is up to the customer to make sure their new lawns stay hydrated. Since water is the essence of life for your lawn, sticking to a regular irrigation schedule is crucial to achieving that perfect yard. Properly irrigated grass grows thick and prevents weeds from pushing them around. Watering also helps distribute fertilizer down into the roots of your grass. 

Benefits of DIY Irrigation

Having your own irrigation system can save you money because you don’t have to use as much water. Some of the ideas listed below can be used with recycled/reclaimed rainwater. There aredrip irrigation many different types of irrigation systems and methods out there that can achieve the same goal. It all depends on how much effort and money you want to put into it. Here are a few cheap and easy-to-do DIY irrigation systems to try out.

Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation is the kind of irrigation system typically implemented at a commercial greenhouse. You can buy drip hoses pre-made at the store or make them yourself. All you have to do is hook it up to your outdoor faucet, weave it around your plants, and it perfectly waters your garden when needed. Hook your drip irrigation system to water your water catchers, so gravity delivers the water to your plants. The best part about drip irrigation is that it waters the plant, not the weeds.

Home Made Bottle Sprinkler
Are you looking for a way to recycle and reuse old plastic bottles? As more gardeners seek eco-friendly ways to reduce their carbon footprint, they have developed creative ways to reuse plastic bottles. First, gather your supplies, which are any size plastic bottle and a nail.

Then, with your nail in hand, punch holes into the sides of the water bottle. Attach the bottle to a garden hose with a special attachment, and you have yourself a DIY sprinkler. Experiment with different bottle sizes until you get the coverage you need. Remember to water your Kalamazoo lawn early in the day so that it can dry out before nightfall. Wet grass overnight can lead to the development of lawn diseases

Home Made Bottle Sprinkler That Gradually Waters 
Here’s another way to reuse those old plastic bottles and turn them into a cheap way to irrigate your garden. The process is really simple, and since you are repurposing, you will definitely be saving some money. All you have to do is cut some slits in the bottom of the plastic container. Then bury the container ⅔ of the way in the ground next to the plant you want to water. Then fill the bottle with water. The slits in the bottom will let water out gradually over a long period of time, ensuring your plants stay hydrated even when you aren’t home.

Flower Pot Method
The biggest problem gardeners in Kalamazoo face is weeds. They always seem to grow faster and are stronger than the plants we are trying to grow, and when we water our grass, we also help the weeds grow. Here is a method that will allow you to water your plants without watering the weeds. This method of watering will even drastically cut your water consumption. Place any sized unglazed flower pot in the ground, so just the rim is above the dirt. Water seeps through the clay into the soil as the soil dries. This provides the right amount of water that the crops need. Cover the pot with a small plate or something that will keep mosquitoes from turning your watering system into a nursery.

Rain Catcher
Rain catchers are simply a barrel or other container fed via downspouts and stored for later use for your garden or animals. They can be as simple as a plastic barrel or can be fitted with a spigot to make delivering water easier. Your rain catchers can be attached to a garden hose, so gravity does the work for you. This is a great idea for people trying to be more self-sustaining.

Let The Pros at RZ Sports Turf Provide You With Professional Irrigation Installation

Rather than rely on one of these do-it-yourself methods of hydrating your lawn, invest in a professionally installed irrigation system. At RZ Sports Turf we specialize in providing safe, natural turf for athletic fields throughout Kalamazoo and beyond. This includes installing irrigation systems, laser grading technology, lawn fertilization, weed treatments, and grub treatments, to name a few.

RZ Sports Turf Can Provide Your Lawn With a Newly Renovated Lawn Installation Today

Is your residential or commercial property in desperate need of a new lawn. Are you looking for an affordable option for a new lawn or sports field? Nobody can install new lawns and sports fields faster and more efficiently than the pros at RZ Sports Turf. Call today us today at 574-674-5296, or leave us a message. Follow us on Facebook for news and updates, and read our monthly blog for more lawn care tips.


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