How Athletic Field Maintenance Saves Your Soccer Team

Soccer fields take quite the beating from the foot traffic of the game. Compared to other sports, like baseball, the game is played entirely on the turfgrass and doesn’t experience a lull in an activity like football. Soccer is a continuous 90 minutes of hard running. Combined with excess moisture or drought, there’s a lot of problems to face. And not only do these problems affect the look and feel of the field, but they can also negatively impact your team, causing injuries or game delays. RZ Sports Turf can tackle all the common issues faced by soccer fields so athletes stay safe and the field looks perfect.

Common Problems

Standing Waterplaying soccer

If it doesn’t kill the turfgrass outright, standing water will invite pest infestations and disease outbreaks. In addition, female mosquitoes use standing water to lay their eggs, and many fungi and molds need a damp environment to grow. Typically, standing water on your soccer field is caused by soil with poor drainage. Since soccer is usually played in the spring and fall, this problem may be exacerbated since the environment is prone to extra rain during this time. Plus, water won’t be able to evaporate as easily as it would during the summer.

Unstable Playing Surface

Unlike baseball, where most gameplay takes place on the dirt track, soccer takes place 100% on turfgrass. As such, the grass will wear out faster than other fields. This causes the field to become dangerous for players. Without grass to hold the earth, there’s a greater chance for dust to get kicked up and get in players’ eyes. Additionally, when players are running at top speeds, the uneven, worn areas could cause them to trip up. This impacts the game’s play and could result in injuries like sprains, broken ankles, dislocated knees, etc. This is particularly a problem for the goalie’s box. And it goes without saying that thin or bare patches affect the look of the field as well.

Weakened Infiltration Capacity

When water can’t infiltrate the soil, it leads to standing water and erosion. Surface runoff on sloping fields can degrade the state of the field even faster than standing water on a fairly even playing field.

Loss of Soil Cohesion

Soil cohesion is an essential factor in soil consistency. When lost, the turfgrass plants lose their strength and durability. And as we’ve discussed, if the turfgrass isn’t holding the soil properly, the field will experience thinning or bare patches, dusty conditions, and decreased safety for the athletes.

Why Hire An Athletic Field Maintenance Service

When you hire RZ Sports Turf to manage your soccer field, we’ll address all of the above concerns. We use the Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System, a natural, cost-effective solution that causes minimum disturbance to the field. It’s also environmentally sustainable! Here’s how it works:

  1. A sub-surface drainage system is installed using laser-controlled trenchers and backfilled with pea stone gravel and sand to the top.
  2. Over the next two growing seasons, we add two additional inches of USGA sand to the top-dress of the field, providing a “sand capped” playing surface.
  3. Moisture levels are under control, and your playing surface is stable once more!

Benefits Of Our Soccer Field Maintenance Program

Increased Infiltration Ratemowing soccer field

Our Built-Up Sand-Capped Athletic Field Drainage System gets the water off the field fast – as quickly as one to two inches per hour. When you compare that to the 0.25″ per hour of regular soil, that’s quite the improvement! This means that one inch of rainfall would take 10 hours to move off your field. With our system, you won’t have to worry about severe rain delays or cancellations! 

Greater Stability

Our system brings back the endurance and strength your soccer field had when it was brand new. Our system even withstands heavy foot traffic and repeated use. In addition, you’ll be able to control the moisture levels so you can actually decrease the impact of foot traffic damage.

Save Money

You’ll save money on annual field maintenance since annual reestablishment can be minimized. And our system is not as costly as other options!

Enjoy Uninterrupted Use

There’s no need to delay the soccer season. Our system does not require your field to be out of commission!

Athletic Field Installation

In some instances, you may desire to give your athletic field a complete makeover. If this is the case, we can help you achieve a picture-perfect athletic field! We offer hydroseeding, dry seeding, and sod installation services. Of course, there are pros and cons to each method, and our team will work with you to understand your needs and concerns and give you the athletic field of your dreams!

Get Professional Soccer Field Maintenance From RZ Sports Turf

If you’re wondering: “Where can I find an athletic field contractor near me?” wonder no more. For over 30 years, RZ Sports Turf has kept thousands of athletic fields in peak condition so your athletes can perform safely. We service numerous communities in both Michigan and Indiana, including:

  • South Bend, Indiana
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our soccer and lacrosse field maintenance program will address any current problems with your field and restore them in no time. You won’t even have to interrupt the season! To learn more or schedule a consultation, give us a call today at 574-674-5296 or leave us a message online. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog page for monthly articles on other topics like residential lawn care, caring for other athletic fields, and more!

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